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The latter enterprise Alexander meant to conduct in man or woman; under his supervision was ready in Babylon an immense fleet, a terrific basin dug out to incorporate 1000 ships, and also the watercommunications of Babylonia taken in hand.

An immense mass of data has long been gathered over the scientific procedures that are linked to electric wave telegraphy.

References in typical literature ? No gentleman were being admitted, so Jo performed male areas to her heart's material and took immense pleasure in a very set of russet leather boots offered her by a friend, who realized a Woman who knew an actor.

Sonya, as she listened, considered the immense variation there was among herself and her Close friend, And the way unachievable it was for her being just about anything like as bewitching as her cousin.

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From the use of macro concentrating, the worlds seem to be immense with possible; Gottelier is telling tales employing scraps of familiarity.

very much. I dislike that sort of behaviour intensely. geweldig جدا، بِشِدَّه силно intensamente hluboce äußerst intenst έντονα, πάρα πολύintensamente väga به شدت؛ زیاد voimakkaasti intensément בְּלַהַט उत्कटता से intenzivno erősen dengan sangat ákaflega intensamente 激しく 강렬하게 labai stipri; spēcīgi sungguh hevigsterkt, lidenskapeligmocno په كلكه، په شدت intensamente intens, tare сильно hlboko, veľmi silno žestoko intensivt อย่างแรง şiddetle 非常地 дуже; уважно بہت زيادہ rất lớn 非常地

Telekinetic Maneuver: To change an item's directional class, e.g. switching what selection a dice lands on or deflect an opponent attack.

As technological know-how enters its explosive duration of advancement, with the online market place and involved systems flourishing inside a Moore's-Regulation-like way, it'll create immense quantities of wealth.

Recently emerged within click here the Write-up-Pliocene sea, or freed from their mantle of ice, they persistently retain the self-very same characteristics above immense locations; and the several portions that increase previously mentioned the final elevation have additional the character of broad and gentle swellings than of mountain-chains.

ontsaglik بِصورَة شاسِعه، بِصورَة ضَخْمَه необхватно imensamente nesmírně unermeßlich enormt εξαιρετικάinmensamente tohutult بسیار suunnattoman immensément בְּמִידָה עֲצוּמָה अत्यधिक golemo, sjajno mérhetetlenül besar-besaran gríðarlega immensamente 広大に 거대하게 labai, be galo milzīgi; neaptverami dengan sangat besar immensenormt, veldigniezmiernie په زياته اندازه imensamente imens чрезвычайно nesmierne brezmejno ogromno ofantligt, enormt, oerhört อย่างมโหฬาร son derece, pek çAlright 非常地,極大地 надзвичайно, безмірно بہت زيادہ vô cùng 非常地,极大地

Primary Degree: Consumer can only shift them selves and very constrained quantity of mass, equal to what they are sporting/carrying.

He was, nonetheless, unhappy With this, as immediately after descending the class with the Macquarie underneath Mount Harris, he observed the river resulted in an immense swamp overgrown with reeds.

..which we phone civilization- W.R.Inge Antonyms: little, smaller Definition: limited or under average in variety or amount or magnitude or extent Usage: somewhat eating room; read more a little residence; a small car or truck; a little bit (or modest) team Antonyms: modest Definition: on a little scale Use: Believe modest Modern term

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